phrenology, music, ecology, ergonomics, psy-ology, noo-ology, fungal matter, cooking, general domestic activities, gardening, first dates, anti-psyche, solar power, disrupting weddings, patting cats and dogs in the street, the reflections on glass, water on records, composting, rare plant cultivation, driving, singing, collecting music, toys, cult movies, typing lists into the internet, .. .. …. ….
changing spots, not moving house to often, playing gigs, riders, groupies, sharing stuff, smiling, buying things that make noises, dream machines, white cubes, histrionics, microchips, deriving, day dreaming, night mares, lost languages, pixies, cloud formations, trainspoting, analogue synthesis, html, orgon energy, tesla coils, AA batt, funny noises, debt collecting, boat building, misanthropy, star gazing, ufo’s, black holes, midi, phono jacks, sw radio, telepathy, snow storms, rhizomatics, combustion….
Music good question, ok here goes, do we get more space?, there are lots!…….sun-ra, Brain, add n to X, nico, jimmy tenor, the octagon man, wire, DAF, kids in the kitchen, drip tray, fungal matter, mr and mrs no smoking sign, the interstitials, pixel tan, !!!, rosa yemen, mars, miles, jacob miller, can, pop levi, porter wagoner, material, lydia lunch, suicide, gichi dan, autechre, this heat, scientist, bill laswell, moroder, afgan wigs, size, the horse is sick, IAU, contrail, arto lindsey, varese, bach, dome, that one guy, no-means-no, zappa, joyce hinterding, hotchip, giant panda, august darnell, richard h kirk, yazzo, ladytron, the saints, bradbury, mouse on mars, psychic tv, michael olatunji, silicon teens, arthur russell, lfo, dead travel fast, telex, nitzer ebb, the congoes, patrick cowley, chas jankel, don ray, throbbing gristle, space, eon, public enemy, mc lyte, nicolette, caberet voltare, hot streak, david mancuso, model 500, lee perry, rabbit in the moon, the detroit emeralds, upsetters, dr rocket, the heptones, augustus pablo, money mark, meat puppets, depth charge, esg, kraftwerk, trevor jackson, jakki, super_collider, pere ubu, lizzy mercier descloux, roxanne shante, king tubby, john cage, the beta band, kat mandu, manu dibango, gary numan, pascals bongo massive, fsol, chuck chillout, chep pettibone, cool dj herc, no-ing-me-no-ing-you, zglutz, crash coarse in science, hercules and Love Affair, electronicat, reverse engineering, linval thompson, and some others….

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