Grandmaster Rex Mundi Nth Degree 4 Thee Order ov Thee Luminous Lodge aka John Prendergast, began his music adventure back in the early 70’s experimenting with sound and image tape loops. He would later form or be a contributing member of art/music/performance groups BRAIN, INSTITUTE of APPLIED USELESSNESS (incorporating CANNIBALS of STYLE), MK-ULTRA and the ASSASSINS of LIGHT, KRANG, DURANGO, and now EST ET NON. The INSTITUTE played many gigs for ART UNIT, and other underground organizations, including a the legendary sounds from the abyss performances in the WW2 bomb shelters beneath Hyde park in Sydney . These gigs were early performance/music/installation cross-overs. John would later form the music/video group BRAIN and MK ULTRA & the ASSASSINS OF LIGHT, both of these acts would have releases on the seminal Sydney label COSMIC CONSPIRACY PRODUCTIONS.He was an early member of the CLAN ANALOGUE electronic audio/video collective,releasing tracks with his new band KRANG on both vinyl/cd KRANG, who where signed to Ollie Olsen’s PSY-Harmonics label, released the album SOUND TRUCKS MASSED AT DAWN in 1995. KRANG developed a cult following in the Sydney and Melbourne live electronic scenes and would be remixed by OLLIE OLSEN & JAMMIN UNIT. KRANG had a number of releases on Melbourne based IF? Recording’s( also licenced to the NOVA ZEMBLA label in Europe) DJ REX MUNDI has played at numerous music venues around Australia.
XEK AITIA III aka David O’Donoghue began his musical adventure when he was 13, forming a four piece no-wave/punk/noise band called RODGER RAMJETTE. The band quickly developed a reputation for parental annoyance and were asked to stop playing at many a house party by disgruntled neighbours, parents, or the law. Their sub 2 min teenage angst ridden format kept David occupied for a year or so, before musical differences lead him to move into more electronic based production methodologies. During the nineties David developed a reputation as a DJ playing in most Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and Blue Mountains venues, and continuing to work on his own, mostly unreleased material. The new Millenium saw a move into a more experimental zone of sound exploration through his early video art productions, and more recently he has been focused on the large scale sound/installation/device THE NERVE METRE, which has recently been exhibited in Sydney and Melbourne. EST ET NON is a chance to bring these sound experiments into a band/compositional/live project format.
And late comer to the mix is Sainte Jay (SaintJ). A digital affectionato. He has been involved in digital graphix working on the legendary Quantel Paintbox some 20 years ago then, forging forward riding the crest of the technological wave. His interest in electronic music stems back to his high school years when he would produce amazing ear tweaking sounds on the schools roland SH100 (a mystery to every other student but himself) and basically anything else he could get his hands on to bash or strangle. He has been into dance music since the early eighties searching out anything electronic and with a beat; Bending his first keyboard, a rare hammond/moog satellite hybrid from the seventies – from which he received a electric shock, making his hair turn salt’n’pepper. He formed Planet Love in the late eighties which had a strong house influence going on to contribute to local sydney outfit M.O.B. or the Mothers of Bass a live Hip hop group, which claimed had no samples – everything was played live! He was a founding member of the now legendary Sunday Jams a funk outfit. His love of electronic music through keyboards was the common thread through all of this and now is a welcome addition to the unique EST ET NON sound

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